Inna & Duane's Story

After Inna and Duane got married, they had a lot of love for each other, but something was missing. The had heard about the Holy Spirit, but they weren't sure who He was or what it really meant to know Him. They learn…

Featured, Marriage, Holy Spirit

Inna & Duane's Story

Marriage, Community , Friendship

Simon & Isela's Story

From the series “2017 Individual Messages
"There is a power in us taking responsibility for where we find ourselves. If we steward the entrustment, we will be qualified for more.
- Pastor Matt Spears

Earl's Story

Featured, Bethesda, Community

Bethesda Outreach / Eastridge Community

From the series “I Am The Enemy
"Worship is warfare against Satan!"
- Pastor Jimmy Evans
Groups, Students

Deven's Story

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