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UR Empowered to Stand Up

5 days ago by Jimmy Witcher

STANDING UP means refusing to let the enemy push you around - Stand up, defend your turf, protect those under your care, and fight against the tide of evil. Get the four keys to standing up, including how you are equipped to STAND UP where God has placed you.


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Big Ideas Worth Sharing

From the series “UR Empowered
"We can let life affect us, or we can affect life!"
- Pastor Jimmy Witcher
From the series “Overcomer
"We can live our lives in such a way that the devil can NEVER devour us!"
- Pastor Jimmy Evans
From the series “Jesus Talks
“There are these moments that we go through adversity—there are moments that we go through down seasons—that can be a blessing in our life.”
- Matt Spears

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